Seaside Wardrobe with 2 doors


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Seaside wardrobe with 2 doors in classic white design. Flexible interior such as 8 movable shelves and drawers for storage. The through-going hanger makes it possible for clothes to hang in the full width or in either the left or right side of the wardrobe. The panelled doors are mounted with ‘soft lock’ hinges and as an excellent detail a small hanger can be pushed out on the side of the wardrobe for the bathrobe or the favourite dress. The wardrobe is ideally suited to almost every room or interior decoration.

The simple pure style and the high quality give the wardrobe a long lifespan.

Dimensions: W:122 x D:59 x H:195 cm
Colour: Birch Wood /  lacquered white
By Oliver FurnitureSeaside Collection.


1 399,00 € tax incl.

The Oliver Furniture wardrobe meets the EU standards under Reach (EU list of possible substances which are under suspicion of causing cancer) and EN 71-3 (test of evaporation of toxics on painted/lacquered surfaces).
Origin: Sustainable production in Europe. Danish design.

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